Sage 50 Audit Trail Report – Answering Who, What, & When

Have you ever wished you had a way to find out when a transaction was entered into Sage 50 or who entered it? How about a way to find out if something was changed or deleted? Well that’s exactly what the Audit Trail Report is for.

To find the report, go to the Reports & Forms menu and choose Company. There you’ll see Audit Trail Report. If you double click the report name it will display today’s activity. By that I mean activity that took place today, regardless of the date on the transaction. For example, a payment that was entered yesterday with today’s date on it it won’t show on the report, but a general journal entry that was entered today and dated in last month will be included on the report.

What information will show on the report? Any time a maintenance item (customer, vendor, inventory item, job, etc.) or a transaction is created, changed, or deleted the report will show the user ID of the person who made the change and the date and time of the entry/change. It will also show when users log in or out of a company.

In the report options you can set a date range and choose between sorting by date/time or by user name. You can also filter the report by action (All, Add, Change, Delete), transaction reference, or user name.

If you want to sort or filter the report in a way that isn’t offered in the options you can send the report to Excel where you can sort or filter on any column.

I’d like to see this report do more. When it logs a change I wish it would record the details that changed, not just which transaction or item was changed. The same is true for deleted items. So while it won’t do much to help you undo unwanted changes, it can still be a valuable tool in tracking down who did what and when in your Sage 50 database.


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